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Are you dealing with a challenging diagnosis, uncomfortable symptoms or with physical uncertainty? Medical Coaching is for you! Insecure, anxious, stuck in your life, work relationships? TheraCoaching is for people like you!

My highest joy is to help people get out of their own way!

“Working with you I found a safe place to discover and express myself, and to find my way back home!” ~Clair Higgins

My clients are

  • People with chronic illnesses
  • Mostly women but I’m happy to work with men
  • Think of themselves as successful in some areas but stuck in others
  • They have good relations but are having problems with their spouse or partner.
  • People who self-identify as spiritual or believe that there is a higher hand on things
  • They want personal empowerment and are ready to feel better and see their life change!

I help them

  • Develop clarity, calm, and courage
  • Improve their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Change their negative beliefs and behaviors
  • Enhance their performance
  • Achieve a good and fulfilling life!

We achieve all this fast and effectively with state of the art tools for change through:

TheraCoaching – a unique blend of strategies to become your best!



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Client Testimonials

Shulamit was amazing in helping me release the horror of our trauma. I think that working with her, especially her use of EMDR, was what helped me survive, and eventually thrive. She was patient, loving, kind and very skilled in her work with me.

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