About Me: Shuli

Shulamit Lando


Welcome to my page. I am what I call a TheraCoach; a therapist, life coach and medical coach. I am also the author of 2 books.

Because of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a supposedly incurable disease, I was eager to find what might help me. That’s how I learned about the mind-body connection. Over the following years I trained in many different therapeutic and healing approaches.

After 33 years of dealing with a variety of symptoms due to the MS, in my second book: HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS—A guide to living WELL with a chronic illness I finally told my story and shared what helped me (and others) to cope and even heal. If you are interested in this book, please go to http: // www /.

My first title, “amor arroba desierto” (love at desert), is a love story that starts with the birth of the Internet, also based on my personal experience—for the moment, amor arroba desierto only exists in Spanish. If you are interested, you can read about this novel here:

Through the dealing with illness I found that humor and laughter are great healers. So it was that I learned about the accuracy of the expression: “Shit happens!” – because it certainly does! But not all manure is bad!!

Surely you have driven by a fertilized field in Spring, right? It stinks! But after a few weeks, the field becomes beautiful and full of good and useful things that bloom and grow precisely out of what once seemed to be just stinky ground.

I am still in awe of what that fertilizer made possible for me. I became a transformed woman and changed from a wannabe artist to become a co-worker with life itself.  I discovered that everything that happens is here for a reason; and that life is working FOR me and THROUGH me.

33 years after the original diagnosis, (and the traumatic aftermath of both, the actual diagnosis and the symptoms of the devastating illness) I have no symptoms whatsoever and I am totally functional. Since then I wanted to learn how to help others with challenging situations. I am so joyful that now, HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS will be able to help so many others than those who I can see personally.

I became passionate about helping people in distress, those who felt lost and “paralyzed” in their lives. I help them learn how to overcome any challenge through understanding our essence and purpose, our drives, needs and emotions; and essentially, not giving up! Together we learn to trust that doing the best you can is always good enough.

By using the different tools that I have learned in my own journey towards recovery and growth, I am able to inspire, assist, guide and cheer people to achieve whatever they want in their lives.

I integrate many years of experience in Therapy, Life Coaching and Medical Coaching into what I call TheraCoaching, a heart centered approach that offers a tailor made solution for every individual based on their own strengths and suited to his or her specific challenges and needs. TheraCoaching is a unique blend of elements and strategies to become your best!  This integration provides a broader spectrum and therefore it is more effective to support people through change; where there is need for therapy, it is used, and when the need is for coaching, we would focus on that, precisely according to the needs of the person. This approach is what has made my clients say that this work has been “magical” for them.

Working with TheraCoaching, you get the strategies and tools to take hold of your life. You understand why you do certain things that don’t work for you and why you don’t do those things that can fulfill your real needs and make you happy. Learning this enables people to feel calmer, content and capable of dealing with everything they are facing.

To find out more about what TheraCoaching is about go to TOOLS.

These techniques have been proved to be very effective to help people change their negative beliefs and behavior to regain a better sense of self, boost their self-esteem and self-confidence, and get a more functional and fulfilling life. I chose to integrate into TheraCoaching all the techniques that have certainly worked for me with my personal challenges (including illness and loss) and also for my patients and clients.