BREAKING: A new 12 week group is forming and will

begin on October 15th 2017!!!


Struggling with chronic illness, uncomfortable symptoms

and/or stubborn discomfort?

This workshop is for you!

A body/mind process to take back the reins of your physical and emotional

life beyond your medical journey.


Come and learn how to: 


Transform your experience of illness from the inside out.

A Body- Mind/Medical Coaching workshop to help people deal better with the physical and emotional challenges: their physical symptoms and the emotional aftermath of a diagnosis and their necesary adjustment to the unexpected change in their life.

This process is based on and goes along with the reading of the book HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS that you’ll recieve as a present in it’s digital format – with videos and audios. 

DEAL collages 1

You will learn a variety of self-help techniques to be able to: 

• Empower yourself with hope

• Help you design the program best suited for your own recovery

• Integrate the strategies that best work for you

• Get the inspiration needed to build and strengthen discipline

• Empower a positive mindset in order to build resilience and promote healing

• The group will be a support needed to make your journey to wellness

• It will give you effective tools to affect mind, body and spirit

• Help you achieve a creative, functional, meaningful life despite chronic illness

You will learn efficient healing tools, to change mental and behavioral patterns that are not serving you, to better deal with and release the unavoidable fear, and change the beliefs that keep your body stuck in illness by elevating  your inner frequency and realigning your intention towards wellness.


EARLY BIRD PRICE: (till Rosh Hashana – September 20th)  1800 NIS

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“When I enrolled in Shuli’s “Deal Till You Heal” workshop, I felt open to whatever she (and the universe!) might have to offer, but I could never have anticipated the full range of the transformative experience that would unfold in the ten weeks that followed.

Shuli is an enlightened soul who has been blessed with a genuine  gift . . . the capacity to convey – through the conscientious retelling of her own incredible journey of self-discovery and healing, on every level – the essence of the spiritual work that must be undertaken if we truly aspire to reach our highest potential.

Shuli is an extraordinary teacher and life-coach who encourages, inspires, and challenges us to bring forth the blossoming of our best selves . . .  and she does it all with humor and authenticity, with empathy and love, with dynamic energy and a bubbling generosity of spirit.”

V. from Jerusalem 






“Shuli is a skillful facilitator of the best techniques for bringing them closer to the surface of our conscious awareness, so that we can more effectively “deal until we heal”!

On a personal level, Shuli has helped me to reignite my own sense of purpose and my desire to live a more engaged and fulfilled life, in every respect . . .  with the new confidence that I’m better prepared to transcend the inevitable roadblocks along the way.”

V. from Jerusalem


“I have just finished an amazing 10 week course with Shulamit Lando on how to Deal til you Heal, following her book Hope beyond Illness.

She taught our group many different tools in dealing with healing. From personal experience on how she has managed her MS for over 30 years, she helps others use their abilities to find their strengths through different abd effective techniques such as breathing, EFT tapping, meditation, positive thinking, gratitude, energy exercises, movement and more. 

I have been going through a difficult time in my life and Shulamit has helped me through it and supports me through the hard times. 

This course was a life saver for me! I am now able to find my overwhelm and breathe through it and meditate and exercise through it. 

I highly recommend this course and her book HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS to help anyone heal through difficult situations.”

V. from Tekoa



The Deal Till You Heal workshop gave me an almost endless tool kit of self-healing methods which have boosted my attempts to take my life into my own hands, both psychologically and physically. The meditations, affirmations, energy-boosting methods have all made a huge difference in my ability to deal with long-standing issues as well as those that are cropping up as the aging process has begun to be more and more noticeable in recent years.

Although thankfully none of my issues are life-threatening or extreme in any way, the workshop has been a godsend in my attempts to live life in the best way possible. Thank you, Shuli, again and again.

R from Jerusalem

EARLY BIRD PRICE: (till Rosh Hashana – September 20th)  1800 NIS

Click here to register with your discounted price! 



For more information contact: Shulamit (Shuli) 0544 868739