Client Testimonials

Note: Most of the following testimonials appear without names, in order to respect the privacy of the clients. I am only using the names of those who specifically said they agree for me to do so.

Working with Shuli is like shining a big search light deep inside yourself and discovering corners and perspectives you never knew you had. With great insight, intuition, humor, and love, Shuli leads you to confront and challenge what it is that makes your heart sing, and what is holding you back from achieving what you really want. With Shuli’s help I am moving from a place of insecurity, self-doubt and frustration to a path of faith, confidence and fulfillment.
Shuli is truly an extraordinary guide and coach.

M.L. from Israel

“When I was able to recognize, validate and express my true feelings I as able to release the sadness, the fear and anger and I directed myself towards enjoying more of life through truly experiencing joy and affection. With your help I was able to re-build a life plan. I learned that by having a “why”, one finds the ‘how’. I renewed the relationship with myself, with my family and enlarged my circle of friends. I have a more spiritual approach to everything and I learned to be grateful. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

Gab from Mexico

I arrived on your doorstep with the goal of learning how to love myself, and value my abilities as a human being and learn how to use them in the world. I needed help to see my worth in the world after everything in my life had seemed to have fallen apart (had lost my job, boyfriend and apartment in the same week and had to sell my things to survive). I literally needed the strength and help to start over again and to reinvent and find myself – to figure out who I am in my essence. The work we did strengthened me, gave me a new spin on how to see things, and ultimately helped me to build a solid and healthy positive image of myself…This is of course always a work in progress, but now I feel like I have acquired through our work together the basic tools to weather and sometimes even dance in some of life’s unexpected storms…

It’s difficult to put into words some of the seemingly magical work we’ve done together but I tried my best!

I arrived to Shulamit after years of traditional therapy, that cleared my Mind but didn’t really help me manage my emotions or Heal my soul. In just six months i had the strength to face many of my emotional blocks, fears, habits. As a positive side effect i improved my health, my weight, my relationship with my husband. It all came naturally, the sessions gave me clarity and courage. Shulamit uses the most updated energy healing techniques, researches, and leads you into a place of peace and growth, blending her knowledge of traditional and sound psychological studies with the latest findings in the field of quantum disciplines. I trust her, and I am greatful for having such an incredible therapist and healer by my side.
“Thank you for teaching me the ability to sit and just enjoy a cup of coffee without feeling sick, stress, panic and self doubt. I highly appreciate what you did for me!”

S. from Germany

“In ones hour of darkness the only thing that can transform it light. In my hour of darkness the light that the spirit sent me was Miss Shuli.

Miles apart and on opposite ends of our planet Shulamit teachings, love, and guidance was delivered to me. I had just been through a very difficult physical trial and felt defeated. A close friend recommended I meet with Shulamit through skype. I did just that and the results… I am here, happier, wiser and healthier.

Shuli used many techniques such as guided meditation, tapping and basic psychology. I am a product of her results.

I am forever grateful for her and her gift! She is a powerful gift to the world of transformation and healing. Love love love you my friend.”

Peace and Plenty

Tina O’Brian from Canada

“Shulamit has been working with me for the past few months in my own life’s journey… I came to her with anxiety, anger and a feeling of hopelessness, and now she has helped me transform that into serenity, hope and gratitude… I am able to open up my inner self and express the “healthy me” inside that has so much to give and love. My relationship with my Creator has transformed to that of gratefulness and love…”

H. L. from Israel

Shulamit helped me tremendously during a very trying period in my life after a very serious illness and subsequent depression. I had been to a few other therapists, but only she understood what I had gone thru. She gave me unconditional support, verbally as well as thru touch and I felt nurtured and started healing very quickly. Her work with me with EMDR went deep, and her spiritual outlook was wise and inspiring.

She really helped me get back on my feet, connect to my gut feelings, believe in them, as well as restore my spiritual outlook. I am truly grateful.

I came to Shulamit very confused, seeking help to make the right decisions. I received much more, A deep understanding of what I wanted in life and why. I was able to understand this because of Shulamit’s sincere empathetic nonjudgmental approach.

Thank you.


“I met Shuli nearly 20 years ago, after a long journey through different psychological therapies and psychiatrists who medicated me for depression, anxiety, etc.

From the beginning I found in her someone magical with a big heart. She is a highly trained person, with surprising therapeutic resources new for me. With care and intuition she guided me to be able to co-exist with the pain, the suffering and the illness that I have (MS) since I was 23.

In recent years my health has become more challenging and with it my fears and my ability to live. So we started working together again, this time was like defogging the window of my soul. Every corner of my life brightened, full of clarity and peace. I can see the world behind the window and although I cannot walk, I can choose to stay or fly in and out through this window to the infinite world.

Was it suggestion, self-persuasion? Whatever it was, after trying so many things, through our work I managed to somehow change my existential paradigm, to rewrite my story of being the “Ugly Doll” that nobody wanted to being a beautiful and loving person. The same old sad song with these new lyrics has become my anthem of victory.”

R. V. from Mexico

We had been through a tragedy. Our youngest son, a boy of 17, had been killed in a terrible accident. We were struggling to keep our heads above water. I, the mother of this child, my 4 other sons and daughters and my husband of 33 years found ourselves trying not to feel too much, or think too much about the loss which was unbearable. I also didn’t want my children to see the terror in my heart which was my constant companion. We, as a family, agreed to seek counseling, and my oldest daughter suggested Shulamit Lando.

When Shulamit entered our home and sat down with us, I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. She spoke softly about the importance of touching the pain, as this was the only way to deal with it. We all spoke about what we had experienced; we all cried together as a family and mourned our boy’s loss. Shulamit included each of us in the discussion, in her own quiet way. In spite of the seeming impossible task of speaking through so many tears, we learned that we should not be afraid to continue to include our son and brother in our lives, in our Friday night dinners, in our celebration of the Holy Days which loomed before us. Although Shulamit came to us only three times, I experienced the relief that I couldn’t find anywhere else. We drew our thoughts; we shared our drawings and paintings, our “containers” for our grief.  She guided us through our valley of death. We became a closer family. I learned so much about all of my children. I saw their sadness and their strength from a different perspective. I will never forget these times.

Later I would re-visit Shulamit in her clinic where I could find that same sense of relief and love, and incredibly, even find my son. She encouraged me to invite him to talk to me, and for me to tell him how I felt. These were experiences that I can use today, to remember how to invite my son to come to me, and to hear from him how he is today, to tell him how much I love him and will never ever stop.

Shulamit is gifted, wise, bright and loving. I would never hesitate to recommend her as a therapist.

“Shulamit; you really have made such a difference in my life. I can’t say that things are always wonderful, as you helped me to understand they wouldn’t be, but all in all there has been a complete turn-around in my life.”

I would like to thank you for your wonderful guidance and care and all the gifts you have given to me. You have been such an inspiring person for me and I feel a warm connection to you and I loved your commitment and way to open up things in our sessions. As I said, I benefitted a lot from everything! Thank you so much!

To describe the process of working with Shulamit? Its been time travel and space travel. “Back to the Future to live in a content Present”. You are awesome. It is incredible to work with you.

“The impact of your work has been transcendental and it was a key factor through one of the most tormenting moments of my life. Your professionalism and human quality are the exact combination that promises results as in my case.”

C. K. from Ecuador

“Shulamit was amazing in helping me release the horror of our trauma. I think that working with her, especially her use of EMDR, was what helped me survive, and eventually thrive. She was patient, loving, kind and very skilled in her work with me.

She also ran groups for the Koby Mandell Foundation and helped support many bereaved mothers in their process of grieving.”

Sherri Mandell from Israel

“When I work with you Shuli, just like in the Chagall picture right in front of me in your office, “I feel taken up flying safely through the clouds, to see everything from higher up.”

A. K. from Germany

 “At times of war:

In spite of all the craziness, I’m doing wonderfully. You and FasterEFT are largely responsible. I had a fantastic visit with my parents as a result. I am now an oh-such-a-wonderful-daughter. I use F-EFT for all kinds of things. I’ve managed to calm down in situations that were just silly, as well as to get rid of a headache in 3 minutes and a backache in maybe 5. Wow!

I also think it could be used to foster social justice and world peace. Am I going overboard a bit? Thank you a million times over.”

R. D. from Israel


Thank you again for inspiring me to make changes. You helped me to make the next step after quitting my job in Jerusalem and that was a very important step indeed. Since then I’ve become a certified yoga teacher, completed a 7-month introductory psychology course (as you know, one day I hope to work with trauma survivors as a movement psychotherapist).

I attended a masters credited management course for emergency and conflict situations… I’m still repairing my marriage but so far it has exceeded my expectations. I’ve also turned down several jobs that would have sent me right back on the path of stress, self-sabotage and exhaustion.

Shulamit: You lived up to everything I asked for in the first session and so much more. You have left me with an emotional toolbox to guide myself, far more empowering. Your skills as a therapist and coach are tremendous.

“I was, aside from exhausted, very free feeling. Almost light– like the burden of that trauma was lifted off me. It is actually unbelievable… like I am not believing it. Is it true? When I think of the event itself, it is almost as if it doesn’t exist. I kind of feel like I couldn’t even verbally tell the story anymore. It seems like it is so light, *almost* inconsequential. How did we DO that? I don’t really understand all what went on in your beautiful room yesterday, but the result is that the burden of that trauma is lifted. Is it (the event) lost?

Let’s do that with all my traumas!!!!!!!! How amazing would THAT be?”

S. K. from Israel